Meet The Maker

Sew Tuckered is a clothing line designed with the tired mother in mind who is all tuckered out.  

Sew Tuckered specializes in different items which are made from the heart and with the intention of encouraging other mother's on their journey. Sew Tuckeredʼs mission is to produce quality wholesome products that will last the test of “Toddler Time” at an affordable price. There is something to be said about nurturing your infant with love and care; knowing that what you are putting on your baby is safe and wholesome.


Why cloth diapers?
Children who use cloth diapers generally potty train much quicker than children who use disposable diapers. Cloth diapers are environmentally friendly and save on natural resources, there are no chemical additives in cloth diapers and they are more cost effective than disposable diapers.

Who is the owner and operator of Sew Tuckered? Let me introduce you to, Jennifer Tucker. After escaping an abusive relationship, Jennifer Tucker became a single mother of two girls, Aneesa and Jazmyn.  Being the overcomer that she is she began chasing her dreams to go back to college to become a therapist. Jennifer started college in 2005, graduating in 2015 with her Masterʼs Degree. Jennifer desires to use what she has been through in her past to help other abused women and children. Jenniferʼs mission since coming up from the ashes in her own life is to empower other women who feel defeated. God gave Jennifer the dream of creating her own business and she believes everyone has dreams that need to come to fruition.


God brought Daryle Tucker into her life to bring healing and wholeness. After marrying they struggled with infertility. They used IVF in 2013 and were blessed with their first miracle baby, Isaiah. Miracle baby number two, Everett, came naturally after trying to conceive for 7 years.

Being a coachʼs wife Jennifer was brought to an environmental college where she learned about all things green. Learning about the environment along with her desire to use her hobby of sewing and create extra income she began brainstorming. Jennifer feeling "Blessed from top to bottom" with her toddler, infant son and now teenage daughters began to not only sew her son’s cloth diapers but began Sew Tuckered to allow other mothers to enjoy using cloth diapers.

Jennifer uses her sewing as a mindfulness practice to unwind from her therapy job. This time allows her to also commune with God as her sewing machine hums away to create now not only diapers, but cloth wipes, wet bags, nursing pads, big kid training pants, big kid undies and in the future an expanded clothing line.  Jennifer has already started her clothing line with a car seat poncho that is quite a hit due to its ability to keep your little one warm and follow the guidelines of carseat safety.


Jennifer believes that she was given Strength to Aspire New Dreams, even when life was the darkest. Jenniferʼs goal is to do all she can to STAND with other women and see their dreams fulfilled living successful, inspired lives.